July 12, 2012

Above and beyond reproach

(Delayed post)
I came by the house today. For a quick 20 minutes. 🙂 I just took all my stuff with me, then flew off with my parents and my favorite younger sister to Commonwealth. My breakfast  was a lone chilled pizza, which reheated and ate while scurrying around the house, fumbling for stuff. (There were still a lot I had forgotten to take note of and bring to the mission house a.k.a. here with me.
When we waited for Tita Glo, we dropped by at Jollibee FCM to grab some lunch for Nans. Nans said she no longer drinks Coke, refuses to eat fries and other unhealthy stuff. 🙂 I got me a Spag and an eighth of pecho. Haha Yum.
When we got to Technohub, Papa and I had a short talk about the current state of his work. I had to admit I broke into tears, but felt really shy to show him my eyes welling up. After chatting with Tita Glo over Razon’s Halohalo, my parents and I drove off to Cubao to look for Ma’s next demo place. 🙂 We had stayed there for a while, and happened to discover a couple of things about my mom’s brother. It’s sometimes frustrating to listen to adult conversations. — Maybe, like the way my parents shielded me from the unnecessary details so I can be directed to the better part, I should also be discerning in what I let into my life. I’m saying I have to know my priorities, and always look at life by the leading of God’s Spirit – through the reinforcement of His sanctifying grace.
I miss home — especially the people in it. When I was alone in the car, I felt really happy just being my usual crazy self. Here, it’s just so hard to be you. Haha I mean we laugh a lot and all, but I can’t (*expletive* haha!) all the way. Haha And I keep thinking about  the smell of my breath and the way I snore in sleep – which isn’t particularly glamorous. The people here are wonderful. Our relationship’s three days old so it’s still really young, and we haven’t gone to the silly parts of one another.
But the point is I just want to take a dump. HAHA I mean of who I really am. HAHA (Me today: Please love me still HAHA)
What I learn today is to be honest, and own up to your shortcomings and victories. (Adding today) Admit your fault, and be prompt in making things right. 🙂 — Because that’s how God is. He’s prompt to do what is right — his righteousness is out of his faithful embrace of the dignity of His creation.
To cap the day:
“I may believe my power and might have gotten me this far. Please take away this pretentious man. Take my hubris, take my pride. Recall that noble Shepherd whom I met so long ago. Who looked with favor on my lowly self, and lifted up my soul.”
-The Shepherd’s Tree, Dave Villaroman
Super thank God for letting me spend time with two of my favorite persons in the Milky Way galaxy! 🙂 I just miss ’em and I don’t want my eyes to well up again so, Praise God for such beautiful parents! My life has always been beautiful because of Him in them! 🙂 ❤ (And my 4 siblings, too! of course! Thank God for them!!!)
January 24, 2012

It’s Pinoy!

January 6, 2012

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